Consultancy & Projects

At Soft-Works, we understand that the decision to implement a new system is not taken lightly and that the commitment shown by the supplier is as important as the choice of infrastructure. Therefore, we know that Consultancy and Project Management are important parts of any implementation, as this provides an opportunity to identify areas that may need further discussion and helps to ensure that all areas of the implementation and configuration have been agreed and mapped-out prior to installation.

When upgrading, or installing and configuring new hardware and software, we ensure that requirements are confirmed well in advance and documented in a project plan so that any disruption to your working day is kept to a minimum. Upon completion, a sign-off request is made once everything has been configured to our client’s satisfaction, with complete configuration details passed to our Helpdesk for on-going support services.

Requirements can change, and advances in technology often demand consideration. Therefore, included as part of the on-going support provided by Soft-Works, we provide regular system 'health-checks' - the information gathered as part of this exercise enables us to advise clients on where their systems can be improved upon. We can then recommend ways on how we can assist to ensure you are getting the best performance possible from your investment.

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